My vision for rural housing

As a student I stumbled upon a talk being given by the Labour MP for Tottenham, David Lammy, on fostering a fairer society. “Everything comes down to land,” he said. I underlined it in my notebook - it was the first time I’d heard a politician say so in such stark terms. Though Lammy represents a...

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Land reform for thriving rural communities

Below I have reproduced the conference motion which I moved on behalf of the Highland Liberal Democrats at the 2021 Scottish Liberal Democrat spring conference. It was passed unamended. Conference notes that: Scotland still has one of the most concentrated land ownership patterns in the world, w...

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Rethinking mental health

Covid-19 has shone new light on the mental health crisis facing communities in the Highlands. But as we all know, this is not a new problem: mental health and wellbeing issues have beset the Far North for many years. This is perhaps best illustrated by the Social Isolation and Mental Wellbeing Ac...

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